The subject of child sexual abuse in Hollywood has been talked about for many years, especially from the lips of once iconic 80s’ child actor Corey Feldman. Now, for the first time, Feldman is about to open up pandora’s box with a one-off special documentary. Now Feldman has dropped the first trailer for the doc titled ‘(my) TRUTH: The Rape Of 2 Corey’s’.

In 2007 on a show called “The 2 Corey’s” Haim & Feldman first opened up publicly about the abuse they endured as children in the industry. Shortly after the show’s finale, in a private conversation off-camera, Feldman made Haim a promise that if Haim were to die first, Feldman would find a way to get his whole story exposed and would try to bring both of their abusers to justice. Feldman first wrote a book to honour that promise. COREYOGRAPHY became a NY Times Best Selling title, but due to legal worries, the publisher demanded that the names were changed to protect the alleged abusers. After a decade of attempting various ways of getting his TRUTH told, Corey spent the past 3 years using his own money, to finance this timely film of the utmost importance, so that he could finally get his story told the way he intended to tell it. UNcut UNcensored, UNedited, and RAW.

For the very first time, Corey is taking the liability himself to do what others before him have attempted, but have somehow always fallen short, as he and his director prepare to fully lift back the velvet curtains of Hollywood and expose another world that the average person cannot begin to imagine.

Directed By Brian Herzlinger, the documentary will include first time interviews with many of the people who actually grew up with The Corey’s including a rare interview with former Disney TV Star Ricky Garcia who recently filed charges against his own manager and his former Agent from APA in Hollywood.

The documentary will be a Worlds first, in the unique way it is being presented.” My TRUTH” will be Presented as a Streaming LIVE GLOBAL Pay Per View Premier Event on March 9th will mark the 1st time in History that a documentary film is being presented only once and with the capability of the entire world watching at the same time.

If you want to be a part of this World Wide Premier event, just go to on 22nd of February to purchase an E-Ticket.

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