Back in the 80’s, the teen movie genre connected with a whole generation of youngsters, none more so than the cult favourite, The Lost Boys, a movie that set the path of fame for both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. The pair became lifelong friends as well as co-starring in films such as Licence to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. However their childhoof stardom came with its own pitfalls, now Lifetime have come together, with the blessing of Feldman to tell the story of the two actors in a film called, A Tale of Two Coreys.

A Tale of Two Coreys will follow the dark and troubled lives of ’80s child stars and best friends Haim and Feldman, whose struggles with drug addiction and sexual abuse became one of Hollywood’s more ominous cautionary tales. Haim lost his life at age 38 after decades of drug abuse, which reportedly stemmed from being raped at 11.

A Tale of Two Coreys

Feldman, who has been involved with the film from the producer’s chair, recently opened up about the film to Yahoo, revealing that it will be set six years after the death of Haim as Feldman takes us on a journey back through their rise and fall in Hollywood.

“It’s a biopic. It’s not straightforward, I didn’t personally write it. But I had a hand in it. I wasn’t personally available, I wasn’t on the set. It was right when I was launching my tour when it was starting production. I can tell you that the kids chosen to play us are great kids. They are really great actors. And they really hit it on the mark. I think fans all over are going to be enamoured to see these two kids. That said, I haven’t seen the whole thing finished. I don’t know how it turned out. It isn’t coming out until next year. I do know it’s in the editing room.”

Could we finally be in for a no-holds-barred biopic that doesn’t gloss over the tragic and despicable reports of sexual harassment and paedophilia that has darkened Hollywood’s doors for many many years?

The cast is littered with names taking on some fairly hefty and well-known figures, Michael Jackson will be played by Brandon Howard, Burbs director Joe Dante played by Claude Knowlton, Tom Hanks played by Brian Nolan, Lost Boys director Joel Schumacher played by Jay Disney, and various members of the Goonies cast, including Drew Shapiro as Kerri Green.