JamesMcTeigueFellow film blogger Alex Billington at FirstShowing.net has conducted an insightful interview with Wachowski Brothers’ protege, James McTeigue. As well as answering questions about Ninja Assassin and why he opted for CG blood, he talks about his first film V for Vendetta, his upcoming project The Raven, a bit about his filmmaking background, but most interestingly about his thoughts on his proposed Superman movie.

McTeigue states that he would want to make substantial changes to the traditional Superman mythology in order to update the character so he can exist in modern society. After the disappointment that was Superman Returns, all the legal problems between the various owners of the Superman property, and Diane Nelson (head of newly formed DC Entertainment) announcing that any proposed Superman films are currently on hold, things are not looking too good for The Man of Steel.

All legal issues aside, I do believe that the biggest problem Superman faces is that he is a hero that just does not seem relevant in today’s world. That is why I fully support McTeigue’s ideas of re-imagining the Superman mythos if he gets the chance to.

Watch the interview here.

Ninja Assassin goes on general release on November 25th in the USA, but unfortunately folks in the UK must wait until January 8th 2010 to see McTeigue’s ninja film.