When the world is in danger of another alien invasion, who ya gonna call? The Ghostbusters? Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum? No, your favourite bumbling buffoons, the Lazer Team of course!

Courtesy of YouTube Red and Rooster Teeth, the original team is back for Lazer Team 2, the sequel to the widely popular 2015 sci-fi action comedy, Lazer Team. After the original film broke all crowdfunding records by reaching $2 million in 30 days, it was to no surprise that a sequel would soon follow to please members of the Rooster Teeth community which currently stands at over 38 million people worldwide (due to the success of their YouTube channels and other projects such as the animation RWBY).

Returning cast members Colton Dunn, Burnie Burns (Rooster Teeth co-founder), Gavin Free and Michael Jones are joined by a host of talented newcomers including Nichole Bloom and Victoria Pratt. This time, the adventure takes the fight to space to rescue Woody (Free) from the clutches of the evil Antareans after it is apparent that the group has drifted apart in the months following the events of the first film.

It’s up to Woody’s fellow scientist and love interest Maggie (Bloom), to get the team to settle their differences and set course for the other side of the galaxy. But, it’s not as easy at it seems.

From a non-fan of Rooster Teeth looking in, the trailer might not seem compelling but, for a low budget, aimed at a certain audience film, there is still plenty for newcomers to enjoy. Considering that a handful of the actors in the film aren’t trained professionals that do it for a living, cast members such as Gavin Free and Michael Jones may surprise audiences with their witty one-liners and comedic presence (Free is king at acting dumb on screen with wild screams and hand gestures).

It is also obviously apparent that the profits from the first film have been put to great use as the action is ramped up, new technology is introduced and the special effects put many blockbusters (I’m looking at you Justice League) to shame. Practical effects are used to give a majority of the alien creatures believability which is something that other films of the genre still to this day fall flat on.

As for a particular star of the movie, that has to go to Colton Dunn who plays Herman, the boot man. Dunn’s oblivious nature and comedic timing adds star quality to the movie and in turn elevates everyone around him on screen. That’s not to say that our other stars are inadequate by any means. The chemistry between the bumbling team of heroes is clear for all to see and that is mainly down to the fact that Burns, Free and Jones have worked together for many years.

If you are a fan of low budget ambitious projects that aim to please their core audience, then I recommend you give Lazer Team and its sequel a try. It is by no means a contender for any awards, but as a 90 minute space romp it ticks all the right buttons and, with a third installment all but confirmed, fans are in for further treats with these most unlikely heroes called Lazer Team.


Lazer Team 2 is now available to watch for £5.99 on YouTube Red