More sad news out of Hollywood this morning as it is being reported that Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89. Few other actors can boast of a seventy year career, nor a debut which elevated them to the status of leading light of their profession. One can only imagine what the reaction was on the opening day of To Have and Have Not – she must have knocked their socks off.

This morning she’s been halied as many things. A trailblazer in a (still) male-dominated industry, a sex symbol unlike any other, an actress whose age was a strength and the last glimmering light of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was her presence and her ability as an actor, evident since her startling debut, and her undiminished light in these last years. It’s an amazing thing to have someone having been directed by Howard Hawks and Jonathan Glazer. She’ll be missed, but her light is bright enough that she’ll not be forgotten.

Here’s the clip people are playing this morning. Not only is it a perfect illustration of her simmering presence but at the age of just nineteen talent this evident should be celebrated.