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Actors, Writers, Directors, they all have their part to play and all have their echelons of excellence. For every Scorsese working at the top of their game, there’s a journeyman like Peter Berg and then a hack like McG (sorry to any McG fans out there). It’s all (obviously) much the same with the greatest actresses too – some consistently hit high notes, others work faithfully but perhaps unexceptionally and others struggle to ever escape derivative and low-brow work. Here are a few who fall squarely in the first group.

Susan Sarandon – Dead Man Walking

Susan Sarandon Best of the best ActressesSusan Sarandon is often underappreciated and underrated for her versatility. Consider the contrast between her campaigning, gracious nun in Dead Man Walking, her feisty southerner in Thelma & Louise, her boo-hiss Queen in Enchanted, the comparative gentleness (but definitely not blandness) of her roles in Robot & Frank and Elizabethtown and the oomph she shows in The Client and Bull Durham. There are actors who you feel like you are catching out, seeing them “act” rather than feeling that you are witnessing a fully-fledged person. Sarandon is not such a person. She is always interesting, always layered, always eye-catching.

She and Geena Davis may have cancelled each other out come Oscar time for Thelma & Louise, but at least Sarandon got her overdue award for Dead Man Walking, which is also likely her most accomplished work. Like the next entry in this list, much of Sarandon’s success in DMW comes from her crackling interactions with her leading man, but that is not to diminish her own contribution or dismiss it as relying on the crutch of a male co-star. Sean Penn may be a powerhouse actor, but Sarandon is the heart and soul of Dead Man Walking.

Susan Sarandon Best of the best Actresses

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    These actresses are inspirational

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    Jennifer Lawrence has not bettered her performance in Winter’s Bone yet.

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    Maggie Smith is a legend.


    Jodie Foster – The Silence of the Lambs was a great film she played a super part

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    Bit gutted to see one of my favs, Helen Mirren, is not on the list but still can’t disagree with these inclusions.