The self-made superstars of YouTube have amassed huge followings producing their own particular brand of reality viewing, and two of the most famous examples have made a movie together.

KSI (Olajide Olatunji) and Caspar Lee are names familiar to millions with an audience large enough to stagger the mind. Their first big screen collaboration, Laid in America, is out shortly as we were invited to sit down with the pair to find out about everything.

Here’s the synopsis of Laid in America,

Two foreign exchange high-school students are kidnapped during their quest to get laid on their last night in America.

Yesterday we presented an exclusive clip from the film, a moment which sees the pair awkwardly navigate a sticky situation – watch the Laid in America clip here – and you can check out our two videos with the guys below.

We play ‘Who’s more likely…’ with KSI and Caspar, and then move on to talk to the pair about the film.

Stefan Pape is our man in the thick of it. You can pre-order the film, out on DVD and Blu-ray™ with Ultraviolet, and Digital Download on 26th September 2016, right here.