Here’s a refreshing bit of honesty from a Hollywood A-lister. Doing the promotional rounds on MTV for Oliver Stone’s follow-up to Wall Street, Brolin is asked by the presenter for his honest impression of this year’s comic book flop Jonah Hex, in which he played the titular character. He’s clearly unimpressed with the end result, which he admits he thinks “got so derailed at a certain point”.

He does however, compare the film with that of Piranha 3D, for audiences who want to see something a bit ridiculous and fun. I can’t comment on Hex as I haven’t seen it, but by all reports, it sounds like that film was aiming for something more than ‘ridiculous’ but fell well below it’s intentions, while Piranha 3D is a movie that is blissfully aware of how trashy it is.

Oh well. I suppose Brolin can’t be completely negative about his own film.

Watch the former Goonie squirm below:

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