Earlier today we had a chance to talk to Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau when he came to town to present some footage from the 3D version of Titanic. We’ll be posting details of that footage later in the week but Landau also spoke about 3D and the future of film.

During the presentation he gave some details away about the facility he and James Cameron are using to produce the  Avatar sequels:

We took this facility at Manhattan Beach Studios. It’s three stages, we have this office space next to it. Because we’re going to be working with a technical crew in the office space, and we wanted make them feel a part of the process, we convinced the studio to cut windows into the second floor that looked down on the stage, to make the crews feel a part of the process of what’s going on on the stage.

We also have done everything we could in the facility to ‘green’ it, to make it environmentally friendly. We put solar panels up on the roof, things like that.

He also spoke briefly about their plans to convert  some of Cameron’s back catalogue to 3D ,

I think when we’re done with the next two Avatars, it’s something that we’ll definitely go and and entertain looking at a couple of them to do. Whether it be Terminator 2, whether it be Aliens, I think Jim would like to do it.

I think, looking at other filmmakers, I know that Peter Jackson is interested in possibly going back on Lord of the Rings, I’ve  heard that Stephen Spielberg is interested in maybe going back on the first Jurassic Park. I think the key here is filmmaker involvement. I think that’s what you need to make these things work, and to do it right over a period of time. What we’re doing now is we’re creating our archival master. What we release this April is going to be, for history, the master for Titanic, and anybody who upgrades it will have that library value.