I can’t fathom this one.

Firstly there’s a sequel to a big screen version of a credit card advert coming out, abusing the talent of Rowan Atkinson (though paying him handsomely I’m sure), but there’s news today that Gillian Anderson is being dragged along for the ride in the second Johnny English film, which goes in front of the cameras later on this year.

Deadline deliver the odd news of Anderson’s involvement in the film, entitled Johnny English Reborn, and give her the name of Pamela Head, a name riddled with dubious comic potential. Being a huge fan of Rowan Atkinson’s TV work it’s sad to see him stepping up to the big screen in such a turgid project – it may be the best film of next year but I’m not holding my breath.

And now Gillian Anderson, whose work I like a lot and while she has struggled to break her X-Files shackles, I’m not sure Johnny English is the man to be hanging out with.

And what kind of a world is it when there’s this film coming out and a Daniel Craig/Sam Mendes Bond film can’t get off the ground?