Jim Carrey could very well be entering the world of video games adaptation as he enters final talks to join Jeff Fowler’s Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

Carrey would play the role of Robotnik aka Doctor Eggman, a mad scientist and Sonic’s archenemy. Dr. Robotnik, in the games, plans to conquer the world in order to build his own Eggman Empire. While he has gone through several major and minor appearance changes throughout the series, his in-game designs retain several basic characteristics, such as his egg-shaped body, red-black-yellow clothing, pince-nez sunglasses, and large moustache. Robotnik possesses the ability to create machines and robots, including a wide variety of badniks. Notably, in early games, he has also served as a recurring boss, appearing in almost every level piloting one of his created vehicles.

First-time feature director Jeff Fowler takes the helm on the live action big screen feature. James Marsden and Tika Sumpter have already been cast.

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The speed-based platform game from video games outfit Sega was first released some 27 years ago back in 1991. It has become recognized as the longest running video game by Guinness World Records. The speedy blue hedgehog, Sonic and friends Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, are often pitted against Doctor Eggman to foil any plans of world domination.

Since the game made its debut, it has gone on to sell over 360 million units worldwide. Sonic has also appeared in five television series with Sonic X, an Anime series standing as the longest running with 52 episodes under its belt in the earlier 2000s. He has also had a couple of movie cameos in Disney’s 2012 Wreck-It Ralph and most recently in Steven Speilberg’s Ready Player One as a character avatar. You are forgiven if you missed that one due to its many nostalgic references.