The BBC Archive has given us an early Christmas present and ransacked its digital corridors and come up with a wonderful retrospective of the iconic secret agent James Bond at the BBC.

Available from today this fascinating collection of programmes and pictures charts the emergence of a classic literary and cinematic figure, from discussions with Ian Fleming, programmes focusing on the various Bond paraphernalia (guns, cars and the various trappings of a jet setting lifestyle), profiles of Bond directors, Bond and the English identity – there’s so much to enjoy.

This is something only the BBC can do, and it’s great to see it done so well. With access to Barry Norman’s On Location with Moonraker for Film 1979 and a Woman’s Hour conversation with Lois Maxwell this is an embarrassment of riches. Heartily recommended – so click here to get started.

As a suitable, though no less marvelous, addendum to this story is a recent story from the ever excellent Clothes on Film where Matt Spaiser looks back at the iconic figure of Sean Connery’s Bond in Dr. No. It’s a brilliant read, and you really should also check out Matt’s blog The Suits of James Bond, which has my favourite article title ever – Lazenby’s Blazer.

To end with here’s a picture from the BBC Archives showing Roger Moore in a BBC Radio London interview in 1976. The man even dresses up for a radio gig – class.

UPDATE: We were contacted by Roger George Clark, the broadcaster, writer and photographer, who took the photo of Roger Moore below and he confirmed that Roger had stepped off the giant tanker set for the interview. Roger George Clark has an amazing collection of photographs and stores from his career, and I can do no better than point you in the direction of his website, which is a fascinating place to spend some time. Find more of his work at

Roger Moore in a BBC Radio London interview in 1976