Chris-Pine-and-Kevin-Costner-in-Jack-RyanArriving in US theatres on Christmas Day this year, Kenneth Branagh’s anticipated Jack Ryan opens in the same slot filled by Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Jack Reacher in the last two years, proving that action blockbusters do very well over the holiday period alongside the awards contenders.

The reboot (of sorts) sees the Jack Ryan character played by Chris Pine this time around, and with Branagh at the helm, we’ve got a lot to look forward to here.

So far, we’ve had three images from the film: a first look at Chris Pine, a first look at Kevin Costner, and a first look at Kenneth Branagh. And now USA Today have debuted a further two images, giving us a new look at Pine and Costner.

“In Jack Ryan, directed by Kenneth Branagh, Pine takes the character to its beginning, where the injured Marine is recruited by CIA vet Kevin Costner to work as a high-level analyst. The two are pitted against a Russian oligarch (played by Branagh) who is pulling the strings of the financial market and delving into international terrorism with potential global catastrophic results.”

Starring alongside the leading male trio will be Keira Knightley, who landed the highly sought-after female lead last summer.

Branagh is directing from a script penned by Adam Cozad, Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes), David Koepp (Spider-Man), and Steven Zaillian (Moneyball), based on the original character created by Tom Clancy.

Jack Ryan will be hitting US theates on Christmas Day this year. No word yet on a UK release date, but if it’s anything like Jack Reacher and M:I4 (and I suspect, release date-wise, it will be), we can look forward to a Boxing Day release on our shores.