Looking back through the HeyUGuys archives we can see a number of stories charting the development of a big screen version of Fox’s 24, from before the cancellation of the show after its eighth season to talks of a movie going into production in 2010. Then after a solid lack of progression a script from State of Play screenwriter Billy Ray was supposed to kickstart the project back into life., but this was not to be.

Kiefer Sutherland himself talked up the break from the show’s real-time format and hinted that the movie would trot the globe taking in London and ‘Eastern Europe’, then almost exactly a year ago the name of Tony Scott was thrown into the ring along with the news that the Billy Ray script wasn’t strong enough and was therefore ditched unceremoniously. So, where does another year along the road find us?

Deadline are reporting that a new script is to be delivered in the next month, this time written by Mark Bomback who has the Tony Scott runaway train thriller Unstoppable and Die Hard 4.0 in his recent past as well as having his hand in the Total Recall remake and The Wolverine sequel which is still waiting in the wings. Apparently Fox have five directors in mind, but not Tony Scott, so the question is if shooting starts in April next year, as is suggested, who is the director with both the availability and the action chops to make a decent fist of it?

Let’s see if I’m writing another post updating the 24 Movie in a year’s time…