With Starzplay’s tough detective show, Hightown, about to return with a bang for its second series on 17 October, we sat down with one of its stars, James Badge Dale, to find out what the future could hold for his troubled character, disgraced cop Ray Abruzzo.

Set in an idyllic Massachusetts seaside resort, the series shows the side of the town that holiday makers never see through the eyes Jackie Quinones (Monica Raymund), a Marine Fisheries Service Agent with aspirations to become a real copy. In series one, finding a body on the beach thrust her into the world of organised crime, and her paths crossed with officer Ray Abruzzo (Dale). As season two begins, they’re working together again, but this time she’s trying to help him get his life back on track after the shattering season one finale. And, at the same time, the arrival of a new drugs lord escalates the violence and chaos in the town.

We spoke to James Badge Dale on what the future holds for his character, Ray, and how the team behind the show works on keeping it fresh. He also talks about some of his familiar roles in the past, particularly in 24 and Parkland, and reveals that there’s still more work to do on his next movie, Jeremy Saulnier’s Rebel Ridge.

You can watch the interview below:

Hightown S2 premieres Sunday 17th October on STARZPLAY.