#FU2016. That’s the hashtag for President Frank Underwood’s Presidential Campaign as he looks to hold onto his position of power in the upcoming fourth season of House of Cards.

The fake campaign advert below aired during Tuesday’s night’s Republican debate in the US, but would he get your vote? It’ll be easier to decide when House of Cards returns to Netflix on March 4th, the official premiere date for the highly anticipated fourth season of the show.

That’s a little later than usual as season two and three hit the online streaming service in February. Still, it’s no doubt going to be worth the wait, especially given the way things ended when we last saw Frank. Now that he’s on his own, it appears as if the President is going to take his quest for power to the next level and his slogan sums that up perfectly:

“America, I’m only getting started.”

Knowing Frank Underwood as we do, that sounds like more of a threat than a promise!

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