We are now used to Netflix and the like producing their own series and films. Indeed some of the most high profile shows are attached to one streaming service or another, but the first leap was taken by Netflix, Kevin Spacey and David Fincher with House of Cards.

Those familiar with David Nobbs’ original BBC series will know how the story of Francis Urquhart ended up, but the Netflix series shows no signs of following their lead. With this new season it seems that the divisions will continue, and this US version of House of Cards will move into its own space, given its own furious momentum.

The third season is about to land on Netflix, and before the binge begins let’s take a look at the cast and crew interviews we got on the red carpet.

Cassam Looch and Colin Hart were tripled checked by the Secret Service and were given access. Here’s how they did.

Kevin Spacey

Premiere Montage

Robin Wright Attends the Premiere