class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-60156″ title=”Seth Rogen , left, and Jay Chou in Columbia Pictures’ THE GREEN HORNET.” src=”” alt=”” width=”239″ height=”121″ />It may not have been a winner critically (43% on Rotten Tomatoes) but The Green Hornet topped the US box office this weekend with $33m. Given the time of year (this is when Hollywood starts to trundle out its lukewarm product) this result is a modest successful for Rogen and Co.

Ron Howard’s new comedy The Dilemma debuts in second place with a below-par $17m. Given that it star’s A-lister Vince Vaughan and with Howard’s box office touch (he managed a score a domestic gross of over $217m for the turgid ‘Da Vinci Code’), this is a big disappointment.

True Grit rounds out the top three with a very impressive tally so far of $127m. Having made over $50m more than No Country for Old Men’s total box office, it’s by far the Coen Brother’s biggest money-maker to date, which is an extremely positive result for these idiosyncratic filmmakers. It’s the kind of success which pretty much gives them carte blanche in terms of what they want to do next, although they’ve always done their own thing, with scant regard to box office figures.

Courtesy of Box Office Mojo.