Will Smith at the Men in Black 3 UK Premiere PointingThis evening, London’s Leicester Square saw the cast and filmmakers behind the third movie in the Men in Black franchise. Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Alice Eve, Emma Thompson and Nicole Scherzinger were all in attendance and we got to speak to many of them as they walked the blue carpet for the movie which comes out next Friday, 25th May. We also got to see and chat with the film’s director, Barry Sonnenfeld.

Lewis Hamilton and Jay Z also made a surprise appearance to wow the crowd and I would say that Jay Z had just as big a cheer as Will Smith did when he arrived. I also spotted Michelle Rodriguez who managed to slip up the carpet unnoticed by most flanked by two big men while she had the dark shades on which pretty much says, ‘don’t talk to me’!

I was on camera duties as Ben Mortimer asked the questions to the cast as they walked the carpet. All the interviews are below each separated into their individual film so click play and enjoy.

You can see our photos from the evening in our gallery here

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bYB7FG87yM’]

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