Regular readers may be feeling a touch of deja vu here this evening, and yes – it’s no glitch in the Matrix you have seen our Testament of Youth premiere interviews before. These, however, are different and new. Shiny if you will.

The London Film Festival rightfully made a fuss of James Kent’s adaptation of Vera Brittain’s stirring account of her life during the First World War. That was the premiere we attended last year, and interviews at which you can find here, now that the film sees a welcome release in early 2015 we return to Leicester Square to speak with the cast and crew.

This evening the majestic team of Cassam Looch and Colin Hart (Hart & Looch needs to become some sort of premiere-focused crime-fighting duo on TV) spoke to Game of Thrones Kit Harrington, the incredibly popular Colin Morgan and Alicia Vikander. They were joined by our photographer Alice Alexander who took the photos in the gallery below.

 Colin Morgan

Kit Harrington

Alicia Vikander

Taron Egerton

Director James Kent

Jonathan Bailey

Writer Juliette Towhidi



Premiere Gallery

Thanks to Alice Alexander who attended the premiere for us this evening and took these lovely photos!

Bonus footage: The full press conference at the LFF for Testament of Youth.