class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-47975″ title=”General Zod” src=”×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”220″ height=”150″ />We reported here that Zack Snyder has finally been given the nod from an extremely high-calibre pool as director for the forthcoming Superman reboot, “Man of Steel”. Whilst speculation now continues as to casting for Kal-El, Lois Lane etc (I still like Natalie Portman for Lois Lane), thoughts also turn to villain duties.

In their reporting of Zack Snyder’s appointment as director, Hollywood Reporter say that the script (being drafted by David S. Goyer) is rumoured to be connected to Richard Donner’s Superman films and in particular the inclusion of Superman II villain, General Zod.

In a sense, this is not a massive surprise. Zod had been whispered about ever since the release of Superman Returns, as a fitting foe for the next Superman film. In addition, Smallville, Warner Bros successful TV series about the origins of Superman and his development from boy to man, had Zod as the villain for the entirety of season 9. Given that Lex Luthor has been used so regularly in the Superman films, perhaps a different villain is needed, to reduce the risk of familiarity breeding contempt.

The next question might then be, what sort of General Zod might we want? Terence Stamp played him quite aristocratically in Superman II and his slightly camp shiny black jump suit might have to go. By contrast, Major Zod in Smallville was much less refined but nonetheless a thoroughly menacing, unpleasant character.

This is all still rumour and hearsay, but while it still is, let us have your comments below. Zod? Brainiac? Doomsday? Luthor? Which actors do you think would work? We will keep our ear to the ground for you and bring you more news as it breaks.

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