Last night we embraced the red carpet at the Empire Awards at Camden’s Roundhouse to chat to a whole host of stars that were in attendance including Free Ffire’s Ben Wheatley, Eddie The Eagle’s Dexter Fletcher, A Monster Calls’ Lewis MacDougall and many more including Godzilla and Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, who surprised us with a Kong Skull Island revelation.

There are spoilers for the post credits sequence for Kong Skull Island, so if you don’t want to know – click away.

The highly successful release of Kong Skull Island has taken the box office by storm and with the post credit scene unearthing the possibility of a sequel or two could very well make an appearance we asked Godzilla director; Gareth Edwards if a Kong, Godzilla team-up would entice him back into this shared universe.

With a cheeky smile, Edwards said “It was always on the cards, it was always hinted at the whole time we were doing it, it could lead to that if all things went well”

Gareth Edwards - Godzilla

Surprisingly even Edwards wasn’t made aware that he should stay firmly seated until the final credits had come to an end. He went on further to reveal he had no idea of the Godzilla reference in the post-credits scene of Kong Skull Island

“I went to the premiere of Kong and I didn’t know there was going to be a little thing at the end. So after four minutes of credits, I felt bad for blocking the aisle so I started to leave, I finally get to the after party and everyone’s asking what did I think of the very end. I was like what do you mean. So I haven’t seen the little moment Godzilla, I’ve not seen it.

I’ll have to go back in line and watch it just for the very end”

We would kindly like to offer our company when he does venture back to the cinema for a second outing just to see his reaction from that post credit scene.