Talk of an Escape From New York remake started last year, but it’s now official! Fox have emerged from a competitive bidding war as the winners, closing a deal to reboot the cult classic movie from John Carpenter.

Before you start thinking that this might be another Total Recall however, don’t fret, as Carpenter is set to serve as an executive producer and WILL have creative influence with the movie’s development. The plan apparently is to reinvent the property, with an eye to then launch a new Escape From New York franchise.

Remakes have been attempted in the past, but Carpenter wasn’t involved with any of those. The fact that he is now is obviously a very good sign, and a reason not to be too worried or cynical about this latest reboot.

It was also widely reported last year that Chris Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) and Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Age of Ultron) were being considered for the role of Snake Plissken, but this latest report dismisses that due to the fact that it there is no script and the deal to reboot Escape From New York has only now been made.

In the original, Kurt Russell played Plissken, an eyepatch-sporting tough guy who is conscripted to rescue the president of the United States after Air Force One — en route to a summit that could head off WWIII — goes missing after it crashes in New York, which has been relegated to a maximum security prison. Plissken, a former special forces operative convicted of trying to rob the Federal Reserve, is given 22 hours to liberate the president and a tape he carries which holds the key to peace. If he fails, he’s wired to explode.

It should be very interesting to see how this one ends up coming together over the next few years. It obviously has a lot to live up to, but Fox have proved themselves to be competent with remakes; look at what they’ve done for Planet of the Apes! Who would you like to see tackle Escape From New York?