Joel Edgerton has a varied career, with everything from Star Wars to Warrior and Exodus: Gods and Kings on his résumé. However, he’s now set to make his directorial debut with an untitled project currently being referred to with the working title, “Weirdo”. Edgerton will also produce and wrote the movie’s script as well.

The cast so far includes only Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3), but now another major casting addition has been made in the form of Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), a major step forward for Edgerton’s movie.

In “Weirdo”, Bateman and Hall will play a a husband and wife who seek to reinvigorate their relationship with a fresh beginning in a new town, only to be have their life disrupted by a “friend” from the past.

The logline however goes on to reveal that the movie is a chilling and suspenseful journey that gives true meaning to the phrase “nothing is ever as it seems.” It’s an intriguing sounding premise, and while these early plot details are quite vague, we could potentially have something quite special on our hands here.

This won’t be Edgerton’s first time writing, as he proved his credibility in that area with The Rover last year.

There’s currently no word on a release date, but Edgerton will next be seen in Scott Cooper’s Whitey Bulger movie Black Mass, and later with Natalie Portman in Warrior director Gavin O’Connor’s Jane Got A Gun.