Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios have released the first still from the latest Toy Story installment, a short titled Hawaiian Vacation.

Despite having wrapped up the trilogy with the perfect third installment, Pixar made the decision last year to continue the adventures of Woody and the gang in a new series of shorts, set to premiere before various upcoming projects from the animation powerhouse.

The first, Hawaiian Vacation, is set to debut before Cars 2.

Gary Rydstrom, the director, said of the new short:

“Woody becomes kind of like what’s-his-name on “Love Boat”…Captain Stubing! […] As toys who get played with all the time, they have a pretty good imagination, when it’s time for a little playacting, they’re good at it.”

Check out the first look stills below:

Cars 2 will be released in the UK on July 22.

Source: Entertainment Weekly