There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Jason Eisner’s unambiguously titled Hobo With A Shotgun and when we bought you the first video clip last week it showed off Rutger Hauer as the title character, and now there’s a better look as the first official image has surfaced.

Looking suitably bedraggled and (of course) toting his shotgun, Hauer’s mission is to clean up the streets ‘for future generations’. Stemming from a Grindhouse trailer competition Eisner’s entry won and now the ultraviolent movie is a few weeks into production so you can expect to hear a lot more about this one in the near future.

You can see the original winning trailer here, and click on the image below to see Rutger Hauer in his glory – my favourite bit is the red shoe on the leg poking out of his trolley. Can’t wait for this one.

The image came from Twitch.