Could this be the Street Fighter film which fans of the Capcom beat-em-up have been waiting for?

As a fan of the game series since Street Fighter 2 blazed through the arcades in the early nineties it was with a sense of optimism I greeted the news that there was to be a Street Fighter movie in the works, then I found out that the cast involved a brilliant eclectic mix of actors – Raul Julia, Jean Claude Van Damme, Kylie Minogue (seriously) and Simon Callow – how could it fail?

As it turns out – the film dug new depths of awfulness, and will remain in that niche of films that are ‘so bad it’s actually painful to watch’. Then last year fans were wooed again, but Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li was another clunker and trod the Street Fighter/Video Game Movie adaptation genre further into the mud.

But now, a new light may be on the horizon. Prompted by the excellent guys at /Film we’ve got a look at the new project from British actor Joey Ansah’s, whose credits include The Bourne Ultimatum as well as some UK TV dramas. It is a short film called Street Fighter Legacy.

Legacy has been given the OK by Capcom, a wise move considering the big budget adaptations failed to set the world on fire, and there are two short teasers below which give a flavour of the film, due out on Thursday.

Ansah certainly has the visuals right, I’m really hopeful for this one.