Heat Vision have the news that (500) Days of Summer star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently in talks to star in a couple of new action films.

One is the David Koepp directed chase thriller Premium Rush, which sounds fine, if a little by the numbers – Koepp’s previous films include Stir of Echoes, Secret Window and Ghost Town so this sounds like it will continue in a similar, standard vein.

The other film on Gordon-Levitt’s horizon sounds intriguing and the prospect is all the better as there is a potential reuniting with his director in Brick, Rian Johnson.

The film in question is Looper, a time travel thriller set in the present day where future targets are sent back to be killed, but Johnson has stated that what is known about the film so far doesn’t come close to explaining what it is about.

It seems Gordon-Levitt will play one of those hitmen for Johnson, and given their history, and Gordon-Levitt’s ascendant star, Looper (which will take it cues from Terminator and the work of Philip K. Dick)  will be another interesting entry in the director’s filmography.

With this film and Duncan Jones’s Source Code on the cards it is a wonderful time for sci-fi fans. More news as it develops.