The Green Lantern - KilowogWe’ve all seen the array of varying Green Lantern trailers released online, but we now have a never-before-seen clip with Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan gets put through his paces by Michael Clarke Duncan’s ‘Kilowog’; the drill sergeant of the Green Lantern core.

It’s interesting to see how the film’s heavily CGI’d scenes play out with Reynolds as the only human presence, with previous fears that it would lack a connection with the audience; but we’re pretty happy with what we’ve seen now.  Check out the clip to see Michael Clark Duncan discuss his role in the Green Lantern on Attack Of Show…we tried our honest best to not picture him as John Coffey (it was difficult).

The Green Lantern hits cinemas in the UK on the 17th June and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Geoffrey Rush, Michael Clarke Duncan and Tim Robbins.

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