With the first part of Twilight Breaking Dawn about to roll across the waiting world its stars are making a break to escape the world of fangs and furry fiends with Kristen Stewart currently filming Snow White and the Huntsman, for which a new banner was recently released, and Robert Pattinson aligning himself with one of cinema’s most unique directors.

Taking the lead in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, adapted from the celebrated Don DeLillo novel, Pattinson is moving boldly away from the franchise which made his name all over the world, much in the same way as Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe moved to Broadway before starring in Hammer’s forthcoming The Woman in Black, and in the first of two videos below he talks of the difference between the two films. If you’re not interested in the Twilight stuff then shoot to 3:20 to hear him talk about Cosmopolis.

Also up on dedicated site CosmopolisFilm is this shaky video interview with Cronenberg which is worth a watch (Cosmopolis chat starts at 1:20 but it’s all good stuff from Cronenberg as he talks about A Dangerous Method and the link between artists and psychoanalysts).

Finally some pictures which have been floating around the interether for a couple of days after the eagle eyes of Bleeding Cool found them, enjoy them won’t you?

Video sources: RobsessedBlog] via ThePattinsonCode and Robssessed.