The news that J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros. were extending the nascent Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film series to five films was not a huge surprise.

When Harry Potter’s story met the end of the road on the big screen (until the inevitable Cursed Child film is announced at least) WB needed something special to sate the millions of bereft Potter fans. The Fantastic Beasts films are set to be just that, with the first of five installments opening next month.

We had some time with producer David Heyman, whose also has a hand in the recently announced Paddington sequel and Willy Wonka prequel, at the premiere of The Light Between Oceans this evening.

We asked him how much he knew about Rowling’s announcement of the four sequels, and what fans could expect from this new journey into the Wizarding World.

He confirmed that he hadn’t known for long that Fantastic Beasts would be a five film series. He said that he hopes they “get to do four more, because as it develops more and more connections with the current Potter world, with Harry, will become clear.”

This is obviously exciting news for Potter fans, and as Heyman confirms about Fantastic Beasts connection to Harry’s story, “already there are nuggets but it just blossoms[…] and the connections become more evident.”

We already know of one particular link between the worlds of Beasts and Potter (join us in the Spoiler Garden if you want to know what it is…) but it’ll be very interesting to see how the two tales draw together in the future.

Watch the full interview below,