Having had his first go at leading man status earlier this year with Limitless, Bradley Cooper looks destined for increasingly big things.

What is not at all clear is how this trailer fits in with all of that. At first sight, it looks like a fascinating premise, that a man who fails to properly use each of his five senses (for example by looking away when a woman is attacked in a side alley) eventually begins to lose them.

However, SlashFilm says this is a fan-made trailer, cobbled together from Cooper’s work in other films. Having not seen Limitless, from which much of this content is presumably taken, I can’t comment, though I definitely recognise a fall from The A-Team amidst all of the kinetic activity. Five Senses looks like an upcoming graphic novel release by Viper Comics, putting this trailer firmly in the viral marketing camp, though it is an exceptionally well constructed one at that.

So there you go, one to enjoy, even if it looks like there’s no film to look forward to as an end product (or is there?).

Thanks to Viper Comics via /Film.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoMqyOb6MSc’]

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