Derick Martini’s Lymelife opens in the UK this week.  The endearing story of one teenager’s life on late 1970s Long Island peeps behind the drawn curtains of suburbia to reveal a, darkly comic, flipside to the American dream.  Already established as a firm favourite for the summer you can read my full review here.

In order to better understand the evolution of the Lymelife story, I sat down for a chat with director and co-writer Derick Martini. Derick was passionate about his first full length feature and endearingly modest about what a tremendous accomplishment the film really is.  Confessing to being his own worst critic he can only watch selected scenes from Lymelife at present – he intends to wait until his tiny daughter is old enough to watch at his side before he dares sit through the entire film!  He spoke candidly about the true life story that inspired the fictional lives and the process of assembling the film’s outstanding cast.  Not least when revealing the truth about a little Culkin-on-Culkin violence…

You can discover Lymelife and all its charms when the film comes to UK cinemas this Friday (for a sneak peek at the trailer click here).  In the meantime HeyUGuys are delighted to introduce Derick Martini:


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