Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Comic Book Poster (Kenneth Branagh)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit hits cinemas today and to celebrate, Paramount have sent us these fantastic comic book movie posters for the movie. They show a different side to the movie marketing process than we’ve seen so far from all the other posters and look fabulous. Each poster shows three different sides to the characters played by Chris Pine, Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Costner.

If you’ve missed our rather extensive coverage from the fifth in the Jack Ryan series of movies, fear not as we have these handy links for you. You can see interviews with Chris Pine, Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Costner, and the filmmakers as well as our interviews and our photo gallery from the European Premiere.

If you missed our review of the movie, that can be seen here and if you’re a fan of the previous Jack Ryan films, this one will not disappoint.

Click to see them full-size.