Kenneth Branagh Jack Ryan PictureSir Kenneth Branagh has led a fascinating career. Picking up five Oscar nominations along his travels, the British actor and director has notoriously brought the work of William Shakespeare to the big screen, while his recent endeavours have been somewhat different, as following on from Thor, he now steps into the Tom Clancy universe, with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – where he not only directs, but stars as the leading antagonist.

We had the great pleasure to sit down with Branagh, to discuss how differently he approaches material, be it Shakespeare or Clancy, and we ask how he perfected his Russian accent, while he tells us a little about his forthcoming project, Cinderella.

(And yeah, yeah, I know, I said “Jack Reacher” in the opening question. This interview took place at 9am on a Monday morning, okay?)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is out on January 24, and you can read our review here.

  • SDWriter

    Let’s count them off: 1. You misuse “notoriously” (which means famous for something negative, which Branagh’s revival of Shakespeare was most decidedly not); 2. You open with the most god-awful run-on sentence of the new year; 3) You use the wrong title during the interview (with a lame “cutesy” excuse, to boot). That’s the trouble with the internet: everybody thinks they can write. I hear Starbuck’s is hiring. At least there you can produce something people will want to digest.

  • Stefan Pape

    Lucky you should say that, because I make a mean latte.