At the opening of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter last weekend, I got to chat with the Vice President of The Tour, Sarah Roots. I asked her how they decided which sets to include in London’s newest attraction and how they’d ensure the longevity of it. If Harry Potter ever becomes old news (ever think that could happen people?!), what would they do with the studio. Sarah assured me that Warner Bros. have various plans to make the  ensure that guests will always be coming back to see something new…. only we don’t know what they is yet.

We also touch on the fact that Leavesden Studios is still a working studio and part of the £100m investment from Warner Bros. includes the opportunity for filmmakers to come to the studios to shoot on the back-lot. I try to find out what may be shooting there, there only info I get is that whatever it is that will be shooting there starts in the summer. I’m excited to see what’ll be first up.

Check out my interview with Sarah below and click here to see the rest of our interviews with the cast and filmmakers as they walk the red carpet, many of whom paid tribute to Thinkwell, the people being making the Warner Bros. Studio tour a reality.

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