Final Destination 5 poster

The latest stop on the route to the Final Destination is here and if you get your kicks from pretty people featuring in over the top death scenes and playing a thankless game of Hide and Seek with Death himself then you’ll be in for a treat with the fifth in the series.

My review of the film (out on DVD and Blu-ray on Boxing Day) is right here and it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of the series then you’ll love what’s on offer here.

The clip we have for you today is taken from the Special Features on the disc and concerns a plot twist which does cast the previous four films in a new light, suffice to say that //Spoiler Warning// if you’ve not seen the film please don’t watch this//Spoiler Warning Over//


Also the clip has moments in it which make it a touch NSFW. Use brains and caution if necessary.