The Expatriate PackshotBoth Olga Kurylenko and Aaron Eckhart have been super busy recently with movies coming out both this week and next. The Dark Knight Rises and Quantum of Solace stars join together from their Oblivion and Olympus has Fallen work to release their new movie The Expatriate which is in cinemas today and out on DVD and Blu-ray next week 8th April. It’s directed by Phillipp Stolzl and also stars Liana Liberato.

Check out our exclusive clip from the movie below.

When former CIA agent Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart – The Dark Knight) finds himself suddenly targeted for termination by the Agency, he is propelled into a frenzied, action-packed race against the-clock for his life. Also starring Olga Kurylenko (Quantum Of Solace), THE EXPATRIATE is a stylish, cleverly plotted, non-stop espionage thriller.

THE EXPATRIATE is being released through Koch Media and will be available exclusively on iTunes from 18th March 2013, in cinemas on 5th April 2013 and on DVD & Blu-ray 8th April 2013.