A short teaser for Salman Khan’s Eid Release of the year Ek Tha Tiger has just been released and it’s sure to leave most Salman Khan fans salivating and if you haven’t all ready, you will definitely mark the date in Red on your calendar for the superstars first collaboration with one of the premier production houses in India, Yash Raj Films.

Still within the realm of Global terrorism as all previous Kabir Khan movies, we start of with a voice over of how the secret services of India and Pakistan have been waging a secret war for the past 60 years, then we jump cut to Salman Khan jumping Bourne style out of windows, glaring at the camera with some highly esthetic scars and pretty much strutting around wide-shouldered, something he has perfected in the last few years.

Although being a teaser, we don’t get to see much of heroine Katrina Kaif, we do see that the cinematography is amazing, and the action is fast paced and brutal. Even the background score is pretty grooving and the final shot of Salman walking towards the camera is just awesome!

Super excited for Ek Tha Tiger and goes to prove why this was probably the movie I was most looking forward to this year!

Let us know what you thought of this first teaser in the comment section below.