The Big I Am is released on DVD today and as such, it was only proper to write a review on the new British movie which is well worth a watch. The Big I Am stars Steven Berkoff, Vincent Regan, Beatrice Rosen, MC Harvey, Terry Stone, Michael Madsen and is directed by Nic Auerbach. It tells the story of a jack-the-lad type character who is always on the wrong side of the law. Through a host of circumstances, he ends up stealing a car which has a gang boss inside. After discovering him the boot, he goes on to become the bosses head bodyguard and find himself right in the middle of an organised crime ring.

The Big I Am has a great storyline which deals with issues of sex trafficking, to domestic violence and gun crime. It’s a hard hitting movie which features sex, violence and the frequent use (and often unnecessary use of the C word – with one character earning the name gives this movie an 18 rating.

If you’re a fan of gangster style movies like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch, then you’ll love this one too. Nic Auerbach tackles a very sensitive subject of sex trafficking head on and this is definitely a movie I’d recommend you watch.

The Big I Am is released today and can be purchased here. Check out the trailer for The Big I Am here.