This is more like it. Yesterday’s Wasp in a Spacesuit poster for Apollo 18 was far too obvious, not at all scary and when you’re setting up your audience to be intrigued and then scared out of their pants you need to learn the noble art of the tease.

This paranormal activity in space should work very well providing director Gonzalo López-Gallego keeps us up in the air as much as possible. As with Alfonso Cuaron’s forthcoming spacebound movie Gravity the tension comes from the belief that we are completely isolated and comepletely alone. Think of Duncan Jones’ Moon – the device of having the only contact with Earth either recorded or on a time delay immediately and subtly redoubles the feeling of isolation.

I just hope whatever is dragging this poor astronaut off into the dark of the moon is something more scary than a cast off from Starship Troopers.

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