“If he dies, he dies” Dolph Lundgren has ramped up the excitement and expectation for the promised Creed 2 by posting a video montage of himself hitting the gym with more than a fighting passion.

Over the past few months’ Sylvester Stallone has teased at a return for the character Ivan Drago for the follow-up to the Rocky franchise spin-off, Creed, in which Michael B. Jordan plays the role of deceased fighter Apollo Creed, Adonis.

Back in 1985, Lundgren played the role of Drago, a Russian fighting machine who let his arms of steel do the talking and his manager run his mouth. Drago was also the man responsible for the death of Apollo, forcing Rocky to go back to basics in his training style in order to go head to head against the man mountain in revenge for his friend’s death.

Creed 2

Now at the tender age of 59 (60 by the time Stallone hopes to start filming) Lundgren still looks in tip top condition to enter the ring for another battle, Whether, Lundgren will go up against Jordan’s Creed Jnr, Stallone’s Rocky or simply have a more sedate role is anyone’s guess right now, but from the video posted on Lundgren’s Instagram below he certainly seems to be taking his training seriously.

Lundgren, in his later years, still flaunts himself on screen as a spring chicken by not running away from those roles that might be a bit tricky for anyone in not as great shape as him. Lundgren will play King Nerus in James Wan’s upcoming Aquaman, a strong and fearsome leader of a rebellious faction of Atlanteans. He had also previously worked alongside Stallone again in Expendables as part of Stallone’s team.

Stallone is currently pushing for a 2018 date to commence filming on Creed 2 but as yet no other details of a release have surfaced.