Denis Villeneuve is a director whose stock is certainly rising of late. His work continues to astound with the likes of Sicario, Incendies, Prisoners, Arrival and right now he’s finishing off his work on the sequel to Blade Runner – Blade Runner 2049 with the first trailer for the second film released on Monday and some lovely new images released yesterday (one of which is below showing off Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling). News comes today that he may be taking on a Dune reboot.

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Images 8

It was no doubt a hard task for Producer / Director Ridley Scott to hand over the helm of his beloved movie but it seems that with Villeneuve in charge, Scott was happy to do so.

We caught up with Villeneuve during the junket for Sicario where he first spoke about Blade Runner 2049 (which at that point didn’t have a title).

Director Denis Villeneuve Sicario Interview

News comes today from trade magazine Variety that Villeneuve is in talks with Legendary Pictures to take on a reboot of 1984’s Dune which was directed by David Lynch and starred Patrick Stewart (who to this day 30 years later doesn’t look like he’s aged!), Max von Sydow, Francesca Annis, Kyle MacLachlan, Leonardo Cimino, Virginia Madsen and Sting. Many have attempted to resurrect the series of books by author Frank Herbert. Dune is the first book that spawned five sequels but only one movie was ever made and now with the Paramount rights lapsing in 2011, it’s ripe for revival with Legendary taking on the challenge.


You may remember back in 2000 a mini series based on Dune was created starring William Hurt but that also failed to win people over being cancelled after just one season (or 3 episodes to be more precise!).

dune-Feyd-Rautha-stingWith Blade Runner 2049 released in October 2017, the success of Arrival and no doubt many awards awaiting the sci-fi starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, it’s rather exciting to see what Villeneuve may do with the property. Only time will tell but if anyone can bring it back to life, surely Denis Villeneuve is the man for the job!