We are huge fans of director Nacho Vigalondo here on HeyUGuys. Timecrimes is an undisputed classic. Extraterrestrial and Open Windows were neat takes on the sci-fi and horror genres respectively. Now with Colossal the director is taking on the monster movie genre with a typically unique vision.

Anne Hathaway plays a woman lost in a drunken downward spiral following a relationship break up. She returns to her home town and falls back into old, very bad, habits. She wakes one morning hungover to see news reports of a huge monster attacking the city of Seoul, and finds something even more strange is happening. As you’ll see from the trailer below…

It’s a neat subversion of the city-destroying monster trope we’ve grown so accustomed to. It’s no coincidence that this film makes its way to the big screen just as Warner Bros. and Legendary are kicking their Monsterverse into high gear with the imminent release of Kong: Skull Island and the new Godzilla film looming large on the horizon. The film also stars Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell and Tim Blake Nelson.

If you’ve not seen the trailer you should take some time to check it out below.

Colossal arrives in US cinemas on the 7th of April, and on the 21st here in the UK.

Colossal Movie Poster

Colossal Movie Poster
Colossal Movie Synopsis – a film by Nacho Vigalondo


Colossal Movie Synopsis

Gloria is a hard partying girl living in NY who is thrust into crisis when her uptight boyfriend, Tim, grows sick of her antics and kicks her out of their apartment.

With no other option she ups sticks to her backwoods hometown & back into her spartan, closed up family home.  Accepting a bar job from a family friend things quickly spiral out of control – from drinking every night til sun up, sleeping with her boss’ best mate & blacking out, to waking up to discover Seoul is being terrorized by a gigantic monster…

Slowly but horribly surely, Gloria begins to realize that her drunken actions are bizarrely but very directly connected to the Creature rampaging in South Korea…