Stan Lee’s Lucky Man starring James Nebitt, Leilah de Meza, Stephen Hagan and Eve Best returns to Sky 1 for a second season and to mark the occasion we’ve been give this exclusive first look at the comic book accompaniment created by POW! Entertainment.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man is the most successful original drama season and comes from the same production company that created Downton Abbey. This brand new motion comic titled ‘The Bracelet Chronicles’ explores the origins behind the myth of the lucky bracelet from the original series and is now available to Sky costumers on demand.

Artists involved in bringing the motion comic to life include Per Berg, Dennis Culver, Tony Fleecs, Matt Harding, Drew Edward Johnson, Kool Skull, Marissa Louise, Chris Moreno, Riley Schmitz and Garage Art Studio.

Check out some of the exclusive images below which you can click to enlarge and scroll down to see more information on what you can expect from the motion comic series.

Synopsis: Rich Clayton (played by Stephen Hagan in the TV series), a jewellery and antiquities dealer, is enlisted to help his brother DI Harry Clayton (played in the series by James Nesbitt) investigate a mysterious lucky bracelet that has been given to him. With the help of an antiquities expert at a renowned London museum, Rich and Harry delve deeper into the history of the bracelet.

In Part 1 Rich uses a contact in the antiquities world to investigate the history of the lucky bracelet. A path is traced from Ancient China to Elizabethan England.

In Part 2 Rich is given a secret dossier kept by the KGB about the lucky bracelet. He learns past owners both famous and infamous had worn it throughout the 20th Century.