While the DC Universe has received some flak over the years for being too dark and gritty compared to the more successful Marvel franchise, it is still home to many iconic superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Since 2005, the DC Comics Universe has provided us with 16 superhero movies, with two more confirmed for 2019 and 2020. After years of speculation, it also seems that we will get another DC movie soon, this time centered on the popular ’80s & ’90s comic Booster Gold.

The Origins of Booster Gold

booster gold number 1Although Booster Gold isn’t a classic anti-hero we see in some other comics, he significantly differs from other DC comics heroes. He is depicted as a flawed character, often seeking glory and opportunities to showboat his superhero abilities. Booster also has one habit that has stayed with him ever since his childhood – gambling. When it comes to this pastime, Booster Gold hasn’t shied away from various money-making schemes. Probably the most famous gambling plot Booster Gold ran with the Blue Beetle was the one when they licensed the Justice League name for a casino, stealing Justice League funds to run this operation.

While these get rich quick schemes certainly work neither in 2442 nor today, online gambling is a very popular pastime for many internet goers. If you, just like Booster Gold, like betting and gambling online, make sure to check out everything bet365 Australia has to offer has to offer and get the best offers when wagering on your favorite sports and casino games. Although there are no Booster Gold themed casino games at the moment, there are many other Justice League slots you can try out if you’re a fan of the DC Universe.

Just from his hobbies, vices and interests we can see that Booster Gold is focused on securing a comfortable and wealthy life for himself, often falling out with other Gotham heroes. However, what’s interesting about Booster Gold is that he becomes much more than this, as he evolves throughout the comic book series. Booster Gold starts as an attention-seeking superhero from the future who uses his knowledge of historical events and futuristic technology to perform high-publicity heroic stunts. But, over the years, he experiences life-changing events and personal tragedies that develop him into a true hero, but one weighed down by the reputation he created for himself in the past.

DC’s Poor Box Office Performances Could Affect Booster Gold Production

Justice LeagueMany of the superhero movies DC has released over the past decade and a half have underperformed at the box office. This includes some highly publicized movies, such as the Justice League, which struggled domestically. Not to say that the DC Universe has failed completely in the past couple of years. On the contrary, it seems that the lighter tones of new movies like Aquaman and Shazam! performed much better with the audience than the previous DC films.

Hollywood voices are saying that now might be the best time for Booster Gold, especially considering how well Shazam! resonated with the audience in the spring of 2019. As both Shazam! and Booster Gold and inherently very light and quirky characters with not that many serious tones, this might be a great opportunity for DC to turn things around and introduce a fresh and more comedic superhero universe, much like the one Marvel managed to develop over the last decade.

When Can We Expect a Full Film Feature?

Although Booster Gold hasn’t yet appeared as the main character in any TV shows or films, he has been portrayed in several DC Universe media products. This includes a notable appearance in the Smallville episode titled ‘Booster’ where Eric Martsolf portrays him. With this said, it’s no secret that the Booster Gold movie has been long in the making. We first talked about a possible Booster Gold film feature four years ago and not a lot of new information has been released since that period. While rumors are coming up monthly, as of now, we can still only wait to see what the future holds for this interesting DC character.


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