One of the strongest and most enduring film franchises has fallen victim not to one of its famed uber villains with an eye on world domination but to the economic turbulence resulting in the sale of its studio.

The untitled 23rd James Bond film has been put on hold while the sale of MGM goes through and according to the James Bond fan blog who have quoted a yet to be published Total Film interview with producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli on the status of the follow up to Quantum of Solace.

Well, our timeline’s a little up in the air what with the situation at MGM, so we have to be flexible. We just don’t know enough about the situation to comment, but we know it’s uncertain.

So while Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench have a date in their diary for a late 2010 shoot it looks unlikely that the pre-production which would make those dates plausible wont start on time, resulting in a delayed shoot and release.

This is sad news for a film series, and the strongest actor to embody Bond for a long time, just beginning to find its legs in a post Bourne world, and while people were disappointed with Quantum of Solace, I loved the film and thought it a perfect accompaniment to Casino Royale and was looking forward to the next outing of one of cinema’s most iconic action heroes.