Despite the financial woes of MGM and possible delays in production of the Bond 23, news has come out this evening that Brit director, Sam Mendes, the husband of Kate Winslet who has previously brought us  Revolutionary Road, American Beauty and Jarhead is in talks to become the 23rd director in charge of the latest Bond. It’s set to star Daniel Craig in his third outing as the most famous spy in the world.

According to THR: Production is being fast-tracked and could begin as early as June with an eye toward a 2011 release. Plans for the film are moving forward despite a possible sale of MGM. Sony co-produced and distributed the most recent installment of the 007 series with MGM.

Head over to THR for the full story. In our opinion, this is good news. What do you guys thing? Does this mean Kate Winslet will be a Bond girl?!