Seems to be something in the air right now which is bringing out the zombies…

If you’ve already digested the latest Resident Evil trailer then you’ll be happy to see this, new artwork from the film series which, in a nice contrast to the Resident Evil movies, often seems like a video game – Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguera’s [Rec].

A nice spot this by Bloody Disgusting, who combed one of the numerous videos to come out of Cannes this year to find a shot of a poster advertising [Rec] 3 (which will be subtitled Genesis) and [Rec] 4 (which is accompanied by the legend Apocalypse) from the move site Mad Movies.

Both films got the greenlight at the beginning of May and will split the directors up, each to take the bookends of the series of which [Rec] and the recent sequel [Rec] 2 are the middle chapters.

Plaza will go back to the beginning with [Rec] 3: Genesis and deal with the infection’s origins (and as I’ve not seen the second film in the series all I have to go is the scant information glimpsed at the end of the first film) and Balaguera will presumably end the world with [Rec] 4 Apocalypse.

Here’s the artwork,

Curiously I do wonder if they’ll keep to the found footage/handheld camera device or will they go all Book of Shadows and seek to open up the world of [Rec] in a more traditional manner.

As long as it’s not in 3D I won’t mind, I can imagine the smell of the cinemas showing that one…