USA Today have released some new images from Hugh Jackman’s latest movie, Reel Steel which is directed by Shawn Levy. In the images, we get to see Jackman standing next to a huge robot and in the other image, Jackman is on set talking to Levy.

Until now, I didn’t know anything about this movie so we’ll have to rely on USA Today’s info. According to the site, the movie….

Imagines a world in which human boxing is non-existent, replaced by leagues of mechanized pugilists. It’s expected to arrive in theaters in November 2011. Motion-capture animation is used in the film when the machines are brawling (with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard working as an adviser on those), but 19 real-life animatronic giants were created for scenes with the human actors.

They go on to tell us that the movie is to be produced by Steven Spielberg (Dreamworks) and Touchstone, a wing of Walt Disney Pictures. According to IMDb, the movie also stars Lost actress, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand, Anthony Mackie and Hope Davis.

Check out the images below and click to enlarge.